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The process of simplification is design 101, a mind-set that every design student is taught in school. But not every design student adopts it, and rarely it’s applied with the ruthless discipline practiced by Jony [Ive]. Indeed, if there’s such a thing as a single secret to what Jony Ive does, it is to follow slavishly the simplification philosophy. That approach has accounted for many of the major breakthroughs, as well as some projects that failed and others that Apple hasn’t released. Caring enough to commit the enormous time and effort to get something right has also been Jony’s hallmark, from his earliest college projects onward.

Leander Kahney Jony Ive,

Knives and Forks

Knives and Forks

Kitchen sink, Guildford. 2006 (University 2nd year).

I remember my friend (and housemate at the time), Julian, had his own method for dealing with this situation. He’d put on some really glitchy fast electronica (Squarepusher perhaps?), and blitz it as fast as he could. Seemed to do the job, and it’s a method I often employ to get stuff done. My track of choice? Milanese - Mr. Bad News (Clark Remix) (NSFW).

The Things You Already Own

If I had a billion dollars to fund a marketing campaign, I would launch a campaign on behalf of things you already own: Why not enjoy them today? Because we all have so many things that are just around—they’re in the closet, they’re in the attic, whatever—that we don’t even think about anymore because there isn’t enough room left in our brains because we are so busy processing all the exciting new developments.

At the end of the day, when you’re looking around at the objects in your house and you’re deciding what really has value… they’re going to be the things that have some meaning in your life.

Rob Walker, New York Times columnist, in Objectified


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RY X—Shortline

Really enjoying this from RY X. I first heard the title track from his EP, Berlin, on a recent Sony TV advert. As it turns out, RY X is signed to Dumont Dumont, a label started by Magnus Bohman, who co-founded Imperial Recordings. Imperial’s first signing was José González, who also had a track used on a Sony TV advert back in 2006. Coincidence?

(Contains nudity, flashing lights, and a great synth line—which unfortunately isn’t on the record.)

Mathematicians vs. Engineers

For the mathematician, an argument is either perfect or else it is wrong … He calls this ‘rigorous thinking.’ The typical engineer calls it ‘hair-splitting.’

Thornton C. Fry, 1941

Taken from The Information by James Gleick, p.196.

Hotel Books

Hotel books

The Culture of Distraction

A couple of interesting talks about the fear of boredom and the anxiety of being mentally unstimulated.

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