Dom Christie


Black and white screenshot of the Glider video game. A paper aeroplane hovers above a central air vent. In the room there is an old Apple Macintosh computer and an alarm clock sat on a table.

Not sure what triggered this, but I had a mad urge to play this game the other day. Alongside Prince of Persia, Glider 4.0 was one of my favourite games growing up.

You play as a paper aeroplane kept afloat by air vents, with the aim of navigating from one room to the next, avoiding other objects. Along the way to the top of the house, you’ll have to dodge balloons, bouncing balls, jumping goldfish, and other paper aeroplanes, whilst being accompanied by a funky bass riff as you enter each room.

This playthrough makes it look much easier than I remember. Thankfully someone has made a port of Glider 4.0 for the web, and 30 years on it’s … just as hard as I remember!