Dom Christie

🖼️ art

[T]he art that people are drawn to–at an individual and collective level–reflects much about what is missing from their lives. The particular register of emotions we're sensitive to in the visual sphere hints at what we long for, but don't reliably have a connection to, in ourselves.

The Good Enough Parent 2021, p.83

📚 til

To have a scrollable element scroll to the bottom by default (CSS only, without JavaScript), use display: flex; flex-direction: column-reverse. Via StackOverflow.

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In Ruby, curly braces can be omitted from hashes not only when the hash is the last argument of a method, but also when it’s the last item in an array: [1, 2, three: :four]. Neat!

✍️ typography

Bricolage looks great: A free and open source variable font with French attitude and British mannerisms across 3 axis: weight, width & optical size

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Run migrations after a deploy to Heroku. In Procfile, add a release command:

web: bin/rails server -p $PORT
release: rails db:migrate

Learnt via Justin Searls’s The Selfish Programmer talk.

🛤 ruby on rails

RailsInspire: a directory of patterns for Ruby on Rails apps. I particularly like the interface. It simply highlights the files needed to implement the pattern, including explanatory annotations. Really nice work from Jeremy Smith.


Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must be first overcome.

Samuel Johnson