Dom Christie

New Project and Open Source Stuff

I've been pretty busy recently working on a new side-project: a nice bookmarking/scrapbooking tool, which gives me the chance to delve deeper into both server-side and front-end technologies. It's being built in Rails 3.1 and Backbone (with CoffeeScript), and includes plenty of pretty CSS bits (webfonts, transitions etc). It'll hopefully have a bookmarklet, and a decent API … we'll see.

There's also been some activity on my open source projects, which is amazing. to-markdown has had some important updates (and has gained a few followers along the way!). Thanks to Henri Bergius, it now runs on Node.js (another technology I need to get properly stuck into). ios-placeholder has been updated thanks to Ned Schwartz, and juration will be getting the 'chrono' format support soon (thanks to Jonathan Otto). Hopefully I'll get these pull requests merged in soon: my head has been stuck in that little side-project of mine!

In other news, I'm giving Sublime Text 2 a go (Sam has not stopped going on about it!). I'm getting into it, thanks to this Sublime Text 2 guide, and @sublimetips twitter feed. One essential package for those who regularly deal with erb views: SublimeERB (available via Package Control, but don't forget to add the key bindings, as detailed in the readme).