Dom Christie

People Quickly Expect "App"

I'm a big fan of what Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale are doing in their approach to creating ember.js (formely SproutCore 2.0). The background to this approach is discussed in Yehuda's TXJS 2011 talk (below), which is well worth a watch.

In addition to arguing the case for going beyond microframeworks, Yehuda also talks about native vs. web UI design:

People quickly expect "application" when you start adding features like transitions … When you build a UI for the web, you need to either make it very distinctively different from [native] applications: make it very much feel like the web; or you need to get it right. If you get it half way, it feels wrong. If you don't want to go the whole way, don't do transitions at all.

Yehuda Katz in his TXJS 2011 talk (below) at ~32:30

It's fascinating that people's expectations—and therefore the software's context—can be altered so easily, with something as simple as an animation.