Dom Christie


If you've spoken to me in the last 6 months, you may have heard me rant about our old flat: that, at times, it had no running water; that the landlord/estate agent were totally unprofessional in dealing with the problem; and that they then had the audacity to push to get the flat professionally cleaned.

On Saturday we heard back from The Dispute Service (TDS) who were holding the £150 that was charged to clean the flat. We received £120 of that back, which I'm very happy with, and it's a huge relief that it's all over.

The report, in parts, makes for some satisfying reading:

[The £150] cleaning invoice includes work which could not possibly have been undertaken such as cleaning an extractor and hood and kitchen tiles when in fact there is no extractor or tiling in the kitchen.

There is no specific obligation on the tenants to have the flat professionally cleaned … It is not sufficient for a landlord to rely solely on a statement of claim or an obligation in the tenancy agreement … the landlord must support their claim with objective evidence.

Although, it did have to end with something a little ridiculous:

I am of the opinion that the landlord is not entitled to the full cost of a professional clean but that she is entitled to be compensated [£30] for the cost of cleaning the tarnished tap, the [discoloured] washing machine seal, and the spot stains from the rug

The cleaning invoice didn't mention any of that.